What an astonishing book. A gentle, yet uncompromising story of compassion, trust and hope.

I think it’s about words and change. The book shows how fiction changes lives, how we all have a chance to open up possibilities for one another, through  trust and with the power of language.

(My only regret is that it’s taken me so long to find it.)

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Training at UTC Norwich

Thanks for inviting me. I hope I help. The focus will be on simplicity, curiosity and confidence. Over the years I’ve been lucky enough to see so much successful teaching that has focused on these things. I’ve learned from this heartfelt approach and, if I get it right, I’ll pass some of this on.

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Curiosity, confidence, competence

The more I see of learning in classrooms the more I respect these three things: curiosity, confidence and competence.

They seem to be to be inextricably linked.

They seem to me to be interdependent.

I think they are fragile and are made stronger if each are present in the classroom to some degree

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Osiris, Literacy, Cambridge

contentTomorrow at Osiris, Cambridge, we might make significant change. May I recommend a book? Grace Paley writes with an enviable authenticity. I strive to achieve anything like her skill.

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Balcarras Training School


I so enjoyed working with Balcarras Training School colleagues today. Thanks for your participation and commitment. Literacy launches lives, spaceships, families and dreams. Please remember that we are the ‘irresistible stream.’ We will erode all obstacles. Patience, courage and focus are our allies.

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Muschamp School


Thanks to colleagues at Muschamp School. It was a real pleasure to work with you. Your spirit, commitment and energy was inspiring.

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Lealands School – raising achievement

It was great to work with colleagues at the Lealands School, Luton. Thank you for your commitment and enthusiasm.

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