Neil Armstrong

It is with deep humility that one adds to the web tributes about Neil Armstrong.

I can remember sitting in my Primary School assembly, specially arranged by our enlightened headteacher, watching the foggy image of the 1969 landings. We couldn’t quite work out what happening and yet, I am absolutely certain we had an infant sense of the numinous.

Neil Armstrong’s inspired us with his gentle manner and search for whatever uncertainties might be brought into existence by this triumph.

I cannot think of a more significant moment in my personal experience of the public space than the landing of Eagle. Neil Armstrong’s tentative steps on another planet gives all hope in endless possibilities.

We are forever in his debt.

About Graham Tyrer

I hope to encourage learning and literacy. Stumbling towards an authentic understanding is, I think, an honourable journey. (All these views, are, of course, purely personal.)
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