Times Literary Festival Cheltenham 2013

Thanks you to everyone who came to my seminar. Thanks also to those who came to the Jan Urban debate on the Saturday. It was an honour to speak at both. I hope you felt my heartfelt commitment to the numinous power of fiction and the limitless potential of non-fiction texts. I hope I made my key point which was, I think, that, we should take students on a carefully considered but wide ranging journey through the ‘Golden Cloud’ of writing. We must persuade, entice, and yes, sometimes cajole but above all make books fascinating and vitally necessary to the growth  of our imaginative capacity. Curiosity is our greatest ally. Not compulsion.

Thank you for attending and keep in touch via this site.

About Graham Tyrer

I hope to encourage learning and literacy. Stumbling towards an authentic understanding is, I think, an honourable journey. (All these views, are, of course, purely personal.)
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