Literacy and raising standards across the curriculum

Ofsted say that for a school to be defined as Outstanding,  Teachers embed reading, writing and communication … exceptionally well across the curriculum.”    (Ofsted Common Inspection Framework, 2015).  Designed for English  teachers, literacy coordinators, and whole school leaders this workshop explores how to develop an excitement about literacy throughout the school community. The workshop will help you raise the profile of literacy and celebrate its role in raising standards across the curriculum. Delivered by a national award winning Headteacher and national literacy specialist whose practice has been published by Ofsted as exemplary, the course will help you develop classroom and whole school strategies that will improve writing, reading, speaking and listening.

Leading literacy to outstanding

  1. How to improve literacy in your school
  2. How your colleagues can be leaders of literacy
  3. How to track and measure literacy in your school
  4. Sustaining your literacy project
  5. Literacy: the curious classroom

Raising boys’ achievement

  1. How to improve achievement for boys in your school
  2. Strategies for student leadership
  3. How to track and measure raising boys’ achievement in your school
  4. Sustaining your raising boys’ achievement project
  5. Raising boys’ achievement: the curious classroom

 Becoming an outstanding NQT

  1. What your ITT doesn’t teach you
  2. Be ready for new, first year Ofsted inspections
  3. Practical ways to become outstanding demonstrating:
  • challenge for all
  • progress over time
  • impact on student learning
  • behaviour
  • planning
  • marking
  • assessment



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